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A Bitter Homecoming

A COMMUNITY Gathers: The family and friends of Rigoberto Alpízar, including his father Carlos, above, said their last farewell yesterday at a ceremony in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Cariari de Guápiles, on the Caribbean slope. With at least 200 friends, neighbors and family in attendance, Alpízar was laid to rest beside the tomb of his mother, according to his wishes. Alpízar, 44, a U.S.-Costa Rican citizen who was living in the state of Florida, was shot and killed last week by U.S. air marshals in the Miami airport after he allegedly said something about having a bomb as he tried to get off an airplane. Alpízar’s wife, Anne Buechner, who is from the United States and attended the funeral, said her husband suffered from bipolar disorder. Officials found no trace of any bomb in his backpack or on the plane. An investigation of the incident is under way.


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