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Strunz and Farah to Play Here

THE talented fingers of highlighted duoJorge Strunz and Iranian Ardeshir Farah run upand down the guitar with grace, and a unique styleand technique almost like fish jumping in a river.That elegant flow of music is coming to Costa Rica as part of the world tour of their production called Río de Colores (River of Colors) tomorrow at the Melico Salazar Theater The pair is offering the best of previous songs while introducing fans to the tunes on the new compact disc called River of Colors, which also contains a DVD called Strunz and Farah in Performance.Some of the pieces of theproduction include FuenteVieja, and Capricho Nocturno,both based on the Spanishtango flamenco rhythm;Bribri, inspired on theTalamanca Caribbean slope ofCosta Rica evoking some rainyimpressions.VELA El Viente is a fastpiece which gives the sense ofhaving the wind blowing onyour the back and Bandari is a melody based ona southern Persian rhythm. Also, the audiencewill hear a couple of solos played by Strunz.“The concert is exclusive because they cometo the country only to promote a new production,”said Andrés Boza, spokesman for EurekaComunicación. “In fact, the last time they camewas two years ago.”On the CD, the duo performs original workswith some improvisations and the participationof a multi-national band, which includes flamenco,Middle East, Afro-Latin rhythms, jazz andsome Latin American folklore.STRUNZ received his first guitar at age six.The Costa Rican musician traveled intensely asa youth – living in Colombia, Mexico, Spain,England and Canada.In his travels, he studied flamenco and classicalguitar, jazz, Afro-Latin and Latin Americanfolk.Even in his child and teen years, he was talented– playing the flamenco guitar professionallywhile accompanied by Spanish dancers andsingers. Later, he paid special attention to hisLatin American roots.Farah’s biography said he was raised in Iranand England, also playing the guitar since childhood.He has focused on popular music andimprovisation. Farah has performed and recordedextensively with many ex-patriate Persiansingers and musicians in the United States whofled Iran after the Iran Islamic Revolution in1979.THE guitarists met in the United States afterFarah attended a performance by Strunz 24years ago. Ever since, they have been “brothersof the guitar,” they said, as they are able to playamazingly fast, with flow and harmony.The concert is tomorrow at 8 p.m., at theMelico Salazar Theater, Av. 2, Ca. Ctrl.1. Ticketsare on sale at Más x Menos Supermarkets inEscazú, Sabana, Novacentro (Cartago), Cuestade Moras, (San José), La Granja (San Pedro) andat the theater booth for ¢9,500-20,500 ($22.35-48.25).Strunz & Farah’s CDs are on sale at the concertfor ¢5,000-6,000 ($11.75-14.10).“It’s the only time fans can buy one or moreof their productions because they are not on sale in Costa Rica,” said Gloriana Loría, a representative of Eureka Comunicación.For more info, call (800) 627-9627 orProducciones Novaterra at 236-0914


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