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New Institute to Promote Press Freedom

IN a bid to broaden freedom ofexpression and improve public access toinformation in Costa Rica, a group ofjournalists has created the Press andFreedom of Expression Institute (IPLEX).IPLEX is an independent institutionthat aims to “implement citizens’ rights tofreedom of expression and free access toinformation of public interest,” said institutepresident Eduardo Ulibarri.Renowned Costa Rican journalists onthe institute’s board of directors includeUlibarri, former editor of the country’sleading daily La Nación, and RaúlSilesky, former president of the CostaRican Journalists’ Association.The institute will train journalists, pushfor better press-freedom laws, encourageindependent and numerous media anddefend honest journalists in their work, theinstitute said in a statement.The creation of the institute wasannounced in the San José office of theUnited Nations Educational, Scientificand Cultural Organization (UNESCO).The UN organization is looking into apossible alliance with IPLEX.“IPLEX comes about during difficulttimes for democracy in Latin America andfor the exercise of journalism in theregion,” UNESCO director for CentralAmerica Alejandro Alfonso said in thestatement.


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