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E! Seeks Program Host in Costa Rica

ANOTHER foreigner is looking topick up hot Costa Rican girls – this timeit’s E! Entertainment Television, whichlaunched its search for the “Chica E!Centroamérica 2005” last month. Thewinner will become the host of a specialE! program on the best travel destinationon the isthmus that will be broadcast inmid-July, according to the daily LaNación.The contest and the Central Americantheme are part of a new E! strategy tostimulate regional talent, discover thefaces that can spice up the channel’simage, and fairly represent all of LatinAmerica.The channel has held two such eventsbefore, both in Mexico, that E! representativessaid were successful, and theyexpect the same of this one.Interested Central American women,ages 18-30, can sign up online The form callsfor the basics – name, age, address – aphoto, and a 50-line “Why I want to be theChica E! Centroamérica 2005” statement.The top 25-30 participants from eachcountry will be selected for a live evaluationApril 21. Judges will set up shop inthe Centro Comercial Multiplaza delOeste, in the western suburb of Escazú,April 21-22. There, Ticas will go head tohead with the Nicaraguan andPanamanian selections. Women will bejudged on their ease of manner and empathy,good diction, impeccable appearance,and that indefinable “spark.”


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