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Resident Band Creates Harmony

SCOTTISH and Irish jigs, soul, reggae, calypso, country and western and blues arebut a taste of the eclectic mix of music you will be able to hear in the western suburb ofEscazú when the group Harmony Roads plays on Saturday night.“We have enough songs to hit anybody’s nostalgia button,” said Barry Biesanz,founding member of the group.The band formed nearly four years ago after Biesanz’s own group, Rural Delivery,broke up. The international troupe of long-term residents meets every week to rehearse,and uses a wonderful repertoire of instruments, from the hammer dulcimer to bongos,violin, mandolin, penny whistle, fiddle and assorted percussion instruments.Harmony Roads will be playing at Chango’s restaurant, 600 meters south of the SanRafael de Escazú intersection, once a month, starting tomorrow, Sat., Feb. 5, at 8:30p.m. The band is also available for parties. Contact Barry Biesanz at 289-4337 or for information.


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