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Editus Arts Academy Seeks Sponsors for Students

COSTA Rica could become internationallyknown not only for its landscapes,sea turtles, beaches and cloud forests, butalso for its musicians.That’s the vision Edín Solís has for hiscountry, and one that he and the rest of thethree-time Grammy award-winning musicaltrio Editus have begun to realize withthe opening of the Editus Arts Academy.The academy has 50 students, andSolís expects 400 students to be enrolled,working within a broad range of musicalstyles. Solís’ vision for the academy andthe types of courses offered is similar tothe trio’s music: a blend of style fromacross the musical spectrum.Editus, an all-instrumental group,“works in parallel with classical and contemporarymusic,” Solís said. In keepingwith that style, the academy has tried tobreak from the traditional concept of formalmusical training and expand the focusfrom solely classical to styles such as rock,jazz, Latin and electronic.Aspiring musicians study percussion,guitar, violin, viola, piano, keyboard, trombone,saxophone, voice flute and bass with40 professors on the faculty. Solís said themost popular instruments are guitar, percussion,violin and voice.Not limited to music or convention, theacademy lends its unique perspective toCosta Rican artists in the fields of theater,dance, painting, literature, sculpture, film,poetry and other creative expressionsthrough workshops held throughout theyear.Housed in a converted residence inBarrio Escalante, east of San José, theacademy is an elegant maze of hallwaysand rooms for study and for hosting eventssuch as painting and sculpture expositions,performance art and theatrical works.To help offer courses to students whocannot afford tuition, Editus is looking forsponsors, private businesses or individualswho would cover the annual tuition costsof a student. Solís said he would like toenroll 20 talented students, each chosen bya panel of musical professionals, who havethe support of a private sponsor.Each scholarship would be worth about$1,700, the approximate annual cost ofmaterials and courses. Scholarship studentswould take four courses per week inthe instrument of their choice, as well asmusical history and theory, an improvisationworkshop, and a class on reading andperforming.“Private businesses are determiningfactors in Costa Rican cultural development,”Solís said. “Through these scholarshipsthey would be giving young CostaRicans the opportunity to express themselvesthrough art, and they would be forgingbetter human beings.”Open to everyone, courses and workshopscost from $40-$120 per month. Forinformation, to enroll or to help sponsor astudent, call 234-0491, fax 225-0420, or send an e-mail


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