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Children’s Work Displayed Abroad

THIS month, art created by studentsat the European School in SanPablo de Heredia, north of San José,will be packed up and shipped overseasto London.The 10 selected works will be displayedat the end of August at theLondon International Gallery ofChildren’s Art.Children from kindergarten throughsixth grade used natural materials torecreate the natural beauty of CostaRica. The students worked together ongroup projects from sock puppets tocollages.The works “create awareness aboutthe children in Costa Rica and howthey live,” said Catherine Aronson, theEuropean School director.ARONSON’S favorite piece, madeby the kindergarteners, is “a butterflymobile made out of seeds that I’ve onlyseen here,” she said. “It’s really interesting.”The London gallery’s “main focusis to have showings of children’s workaround the world,” Aronson added.After London, the works may beexhibited in galleries and schools in theUnited States.


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