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Tourism sector, Traffic Police launch campaign to prevent spread of dengue and chikungunya

Employees at 345 hotels across Costa Rica are conducting cleaning campaigns in their communities to eliminate potential breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit the dengue and chikungunya viruses. The good news is that the number of dengue cases has dropped by 79 percent this month compared to the same period last year.

Costa Rican health officials seek preventive alert for chikungunya virus

Health Ministry officials will ask the National Emergency Commission (CNE) to issue a "green alert" to draw attention to the spread of chikungunya after 13 patients tested positive for the virus in the country.

Health officials testing first two cases of Ticos who could have the chikungunya virus

Health officials are analyzing blood samples from a 17-year-old man and 30-year-old woman who could become the first two cases of Costa Ricans to test positive for the chikungunya virus.

Costa Rica Health Ministry confirms first case of chikungunya virus

Health Vice Minister María Esther Anchía on Friday confirmed that a French tourist is officially the first patient to test positive for the chikungunya virus in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica on alert for unique mosquito-borne virus with symptoms similar to dengue

Health Ministry officials are currently on alert to detect any possible cases of people infected with chikungunya virus, a desease that shares most of the same symptoms with dengue: high fever, headaches, muscle and joint pains, nausea and rash.

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