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Franklin Chang’s VASIMR plasma engine readies for key test

The VASIMR engine being developed by Costa Rican physicist Franklin Chang Díaz is one step closer to proving itself the best technology for propelling the next generation of spacecraft.

Costa Rica makes nuclear fusion history with plasma discharge

Researchers at the Technology Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) announced the first discharge of high temperature plasma in Latin America on Wednesday, joining an elite group of countries who have made advances in harnessing nuclear fusion to produce clean energy.

Astronaut Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra to develop hydrogen-fueled transportation in Guanacaste

Ad Astra Rocket the company of former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz signed an agreement with EARTH University to research and develop hydrogen-based projects in the province of Guanacaste.

NASA astronauts celebrate mission anniversary in Costa Rica

Four of the seven crew members of NASA’s STS-61C mission, including Tico astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz, met Friday in Costa Rica to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their mission on board space shuttle Columbia.

Astronauts from 6 space agencies to convene in Costa Rica next week

Former astronauts from various international space agencies will share their experiences at a public event at the National Stadium in San José next Wednesday. It's part of a U.N.-sponsored workshop on human space technology.

Costa Rica to host UN meeting on space technology

Costa Rica will host the workshop on Human Space Technology of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), March 7-11.

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