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Finance Ministry investigation finds 120 companies, corporations linked to Panama Papers

The Finance Ministry investigation has fully identified a total of 69 local companies and corporations with links to cases listed in the Panama Papers. The remaining 51 are still under investigation.

Tax information returns extension deadline ends next week

Those who fail to submit informative returns before the extended deadline are exposed to fines ranging from 10 to 100 base salaries, equivalent to ₡4.2-₡42 million ($7,475-74,750).

Finance Ministry launches campaign to identify tax dodgers

Messages are being sent to owners of high-value properties or those who have recently purchased luxury vehicles but submitted tax returns reporting low income, which exempts them from paying income tax.

New online tax filing system in Costa Rica starts in October

The new online platform, called Virtual Tax Administration (ATV), will be available at the ministry’s website and will replace current software taxpayers are required to install on their computers.

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