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Costa Rica
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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James Webb Space Telescope instruments go into operation

The James Webb Space Telescope, located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, has completed the alignment phase of its science instruments, which are now operational,...

NASA Rolls out its Mega Moon Rocket

by Issam Ahmed with Gregg Newton at the Kennedy Space Center NASA's massive new rocket eased onto its launchpad Friday, ready for a battery of...

‘Amazing milestone’ as NASA fully deploys Webb telescope in space

The most powerful space telescope ever built completed a tricky two-week-long deployment phase Saturday, unfolding its final golden mirror panel, as it readies to...

James Webb telescope sets off on million-mile voyage

The world's most powerful space telescope on Saturday blasted off into orbit, headed to an outpost 1.5 million kilometres (930,000 miles) from Earth, after...

Bezos’ Blue Origin completes third crewed space flight

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin company blasted its third private crew into space on Saturday and brought it back safely, this time including the daughter of...

What life is like aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule

The first space tourism mission by Elon Musk's SpaceX blasted off from Florida on Wednesday and the four crew members -- a billionaire and...

Costa Rica as seen from the International Space Station

This photo of Costa Rica from the International Space Station went viral here over the weekend. 

Costa Rica becomes a space watchman with powerful radar

The device makes it possible to observe the Earth's orbit near the equator, taking advantage of the country's location.

Costa Rica featured at Space Exploration Educators Conference

Costa Rica was featured at the Space Exploration Educators Conference at the Space Center in Houston, Texas earlier this month.

Meet Costa Rica’s newest NASA figure: Luis Diego Fonseca Flores

Costa Rica may be small, but its people are achieving great things.

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