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Is Figueres going to run for president?

During a short visit after seven years of self-exile, former President José María Figueres attended meetings with top National Liberation Party figures and set the tone for a possible future presidential campaign.

Figueres is back in Costa Rica

Update: Former president denies any wrongdoing in 2004 Alcatel payment scandal during a press conference at his mother’s home. José María Figueres also announced his intention to return to Costa Rican politics although he stated he would not run for president again.

Ex-President Figueres coming home ‘soon’

In an interview with Channel 7’s Telenoticias, former Costa Rican president José María Figueres explained his side of the Alcatel corruption case and announced he will return to Costa Rica after a lengthy self-exile.

Prosecutors Request Figueres Corruption Case Dismissed

State prosecutors have requested that a corruption probe against ex-President José María Figueres (1994-1998) be dismissed for lack of evidence.   Since 2004, state prosecutors have...

Lawmakers Await Figueres’ Arrival

MEMBERS of the Legislative Assembly this weekissued an ultimatum to former Costa Rican PresidentJosé María Figueres, currently in Switzerland where hehas resided for the...

Ex-President Figueres Implicated, 3 Former Presidents Scrutinized

Former Costa Rican President Rafael ÁngelCalderón Jr. (1990-1994) is in prison. FormerPresident Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is in housearrest (1998-2002). And former President JoséMaría Figueres...

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