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Park rangers

Park ranger to serve 12-year prison sentence for attempted murder

Steller was convicted last August of the attempted murder of Alix Castro Chavarría, who was caught poaching sea turtle eggs during a 2009 ranger patrol.

Costa Rican park ranger appeals attempted murder conviction

The defense of Costa Rican park ranger Mauricio Steller Fallas said their client acted in self-defense and therefore the charges should have been dismissed during the trial.

Strong support for Costa Rica park ranger sentenced for attempted murder despite revelation of separate drug case

Support for park ranger Mauricio Steller, who was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting an alleged poacher, appears to have wavered little since it came to light that Steller is also the subject of a narcotics investigation.

Prison sentence for Costa Rica park ranger raises questions about on-the-job protections

A Costa Rica park ranger is headed to jail Friday for 12 years for killing an alleged poacher on the job. His sentence has spawned outrage among colleagues and supporters who say there aren't enough protections for park rangers doing their job.

Costa Rica’s Environment Ministry to hire 150 new park rangers

The Environment Ministry plans to hire 150 new park rangers to strengthen surveillance at Costa Rica's national parks and protected areas.

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