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Joe Walsh

Tamarindo lifeguard program saves lives despite lack of funding

They sometimes have to borrow jet skis and paddle out on boards to make rescues because the government won't fund them, yet Tamarindo lifeguards are still saving lives and making a difference.

Tamarindo surf company Witch’s Rock acquires Pueblo Dorado hotel

Witch’s Rock Industries, which runs a popular surf camp, two restaurants and a brewery in Tamarindo, has significantly expanded its hospitality business with the acquisition last month of the 29-room Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel.

Volcano beer returns to the beach

This summer, taking a six-pack of Imperial to the beach may not be the only option for surfers and sunbathers hitting the sand for a day of fun in the waves.

The beer revolution comes to Costa Rica

Many Ticos have had the chance to experience craft beer while traveling abroad, and they’ve brought their passion for brewing back Costa Rica.

What draws expats to Costa Rica?

Sun, sand and low real estate prices are a few of the reasons why foreigners consider a move to Costa Rica.

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