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Economy Ministry

Costa Rica closes 2020 with large fiscal deficit, though better than expected

Costa Rica closed 2020 with a fiscal deficit of 8.3% of GDP, the highest in recent decades although lower than the official projection, the government announced Monday.

Costa Rica reached in 2019 its worst fiscal deficit in decades

The figure was given despite the fact that the country adopted a tax reform at the end of 2018 that included tax increases to address the deficit.

With the biggest shopping days ahead, Costa Rica still lacks good e-commerce regulations

While two of the biggest shopping days – Black Friday and Christmas – are quickly approaching, Costa Rican lawmakers are working to pass legislation that improves controls and consumer protection of e-commerce transactions, an area where the country lags.

Mother’s Day deals vary hugely around Costa Rica, survey finds

Most of surveyed businesses —81 percent— complied with consumer protection laws requirements, representing an improvement over the previous year when MEIC's study found a compliance of 72 percent.

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