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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Some progress, and a complicated legacy, 10 months after Sergio Rojas’s murder

After the murder of Sergio Rojas, the struggle to regain indigenous land has continued.

Costa Rica evicts illegal occupants, returns territories to indigenous community

Costa Rican authorities announced the return of two properties to indigenous communities, which have for years denounced the invasion of their land.

Costa Rican Indigenous Community: A Photographer’s Love Letter

An exhibit opening today at the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center in San Pedro offers an intimate glimpse into Cabécar family life.

Costa Rican indigenous women to learn about solar power in India

The Costa Rican women were awarded scholarships from the Government of India to enroll in Barefoot College Institute’s Solar Lighting program in Rajasthan for six months.

Human rights commission ruling gives hope for Costa Rica indigenous autonomy

Costa Rican indigenous leaders hope the long-delayed Indigenous Autonomy Bill might finally get a hearing in the Legislative Assembly as result of April’s Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruling ordering the government to take precautionary measures to protect indigenous groups in the Salitre Indigenous Reserve in southwestern Costa Rica.

Costa Rica struggles with indigenous land rights

An indigenous rights issue has put Costa Rica’s much-vaunted human rights record to the test as the country struggles to protect members of the Bribrí and Teribe indigenous communities from non-indigenous people who have forcibly, and at times violently, removed them from indigenous ancestral lands.

What should countries do about the Amazon’s ‘uncontacted’ tribes?

The Mashco-Piro of Peru have turned up repeatedly along river banks in the Madre de Dios region, begging for food from boat travelers. Their brazen appearances with bows and arrows have sown panic in some remote settlements, and they have ransacked others — making off with pans, clothing, machetes, even the occasional rifle, which they do not know how to use.

Honduran indigenous leader wins prestigious environmental prize

The Agua Zarca dam, which Goldman prize winner Berta Cáceres has been fighting since 2013, would displace hundreds of indigenous Lenca people and affect other communities downstream.
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