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Nicaragua Demands Justice for Otoniel Orozco’s Murder in Costa Rica

The body of Otoniel Orozco, murdered in a neighborhood dispute in Escazú, was repatriated, according to Nicaraguan authorities. Nicaraguan authorities stated that this was a “hate crime” and called for a fair trial.

“That is an unforgivable crime, our Foreign Ministry has communicated with the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry. What we are asking for is, on the one hand, a full police report, and, on the other hand, the willingness of the Costa Rican authorities to prosecute and punish this horrendous crime,” said Nicaraguan government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo in a statement issued Wednesday.

Murillo also said she was “deeply shocked and outraged” by the incident. The suspect had allegedly already insulted Orozco because of his origins, as the victim was born in Nicaragua and became a Costa Rican citizen.

“He was killed out of hatred; because he was a Nicaraguan living in the condominium. Because, according to his insults, Nicaraguans live in precarious conditions. My family is of Nicaraguan nationality, and I feel very proud of that,” said one of Orozco’s relatives.

The suspect, Ramírez Zamora, who has been remanded in custody for three months, faced several lawsuits filed against him by Orozco and his family. It is presumed that part of the disputes and fights between the two families were due to xenophobia.

“He did not deserve what that demon did to him. He was a loving, humble businessman, a good husband, a good father, and charitable. He had a company and Costa Ricans worked there. He always lent a hand to the needy and always had God in his heart,” added the family member.

Francisco Ayala, the family’s lawyer, supported the thesis that the crime was motivated by xenophobia and, in a public message, indicated that they will seek justice.

“We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that justice is done promptly and in full compliance with the situation. We could not qualify it in any other way than xenophobia, which led to the murder of Mr. Otoniel,” the lawyer said.

Ayala insisted that they believe there are other people who could have been involved and that they will ask for an investigation to include them in the process.

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