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Vigilante Warning Issued After Triple Murder in Costa Rica

Early Monday morning, two completely burned cars appeared on a lonely street in Herradura, Puntarenas. Near the site were left several messages vowing to stop the murders and extortion in the Jaco Beach community.

Apparently, the cars would have been used during Sunday night in a triple homicide that occurred in the center of Jaco; beach where two 41-year-old Colombians and another unidentified person were murdered by subjects traveling in ski masks aboard several vehicles.

The discovery occurred at 2:20 a.m. after the Fire Department received an alert indicating that several vehicles were on fire. The cars burned completely but, near where they were, on the grass, there were three sheets with the following message:

“This goes to all those who are poisoning children’s minds by offering them drugs and money to kill innocent people, destroying the future of Costa Rica. And all those who extort innocent people.

“To those who are kidnapping girls and boys, it’s not enough to do what they do to innocent people. Stop the killings and extortion of the people of Costa Rica now.

“This goes for all those who hide, we are going to get them, if we have to pull them out from under rocks, if we have to go to hell for you, because neither your money, nor your luxury cars, nor your luxury homes will save you.

Sincerely: The people for the People

If true, the note is reminiscent of Los PEPES, an anti-Pablo Escobar death squad that killed hundreds of those associated with the drug lord in Columbia in the 1990s. It also may be just a tactic to of a rival criminal organization attempting to distance themselves from the killings in Jaco Beach.

In addition to the burned cars and messages, the authorities found a metal license plate that would be from one of the burned vehicles.

The Public Police Force is on site along with the Municipal Police of Garabito and judicial agents, who are carrying out the corresponding investigations.

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