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Costa Rica On Yellow Weather Alert Due To Forecast Of Increased Rainfall

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) has activated a yellow weather alert throughout Costa Rica, with the Caribbean being the only exception, due to an anticipated increase in rainfall.

Alejandro Picado, CNE’s president, emphasized that the upcoming week would see a significant rise in rainfall, particularly in the Pacific region.

“The heightened activity of the Intertropical Convergence Zone, influenced by moisture from the Pacific and warmer temperatures, suggests a potential for robust afternoon and evening showers, accompanied by thunderstorms,” the CNE president detailed.

These concerns come in the wake of over 400 flooding incidents the CNE registered last month. With this backdrop, Picado stressed the importance of enhanced vigilance throughout the country.

“We’re transitioning into one of the peak rain periods of the year. It’s essential for the public to be proactive and alert,” he said.

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) corroborated this outlook, predicting a week of sustained rain and cooler temperatures. This climatic shift, they suggest, will be due to an intermittent cloud cover that’s especially pronounced around mid-week.

Furthermore, areas like the Pacific area, Central Valley, and the northern mountainous regions are expected to witness isolated showers. However, precautions must be taken, as some of these might evolve into intense thunderstorms.

Contrastingly, the Caribbean coast is poised for relatively stable weather patterns. However, sporadic showers might affect the region’s mountainous areas, which is why authorities recommend prudence.

Officials continue to advocate for caution, pinpointing regions that are susceptible to landslides and flooding. They urge the public to closely follow CNE alerts and advisories. Given certain areas might pose severe risks during persistent rainfalls, being more careful than usual is recommended.

In addition, they pointed out drivers should remain attentive to road closure alerts, as some are prone to landslides and other hazards.

With October traditionally being a month known for its heavy rains, both officials and weather experts echo a common sentiment: safety and preventive measures should be everyone’s priority.

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