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Costa Rica Braces for Another Surge in October

Just weeks after a notable surge on September 7, Costa Rican motorists are preparing to dig deeper into their pockets. The Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo (Recope) confirmed another set of fuel price hikes slated for the first week of October.

According to the details divulged, diesel prices will see a significant rise of ¢71 per liter. On the gasoline front, regular variants will become costlier by ¢36 per liter, and super gasoline will witness an increment of ¢23.

This round of adjustments by Recope stems from the cost data they furnished to the Public Services Regulatory Authority (Aresep) on September 8. Aresep’s subsequent affirmation on Tuesday revealed that these price escalations are intrinsically linked to the invoices from recent fuel shipments that Recope managed.

For consumers seeking specifics:

  • Super gasoline is projected to rise from ¢787 to ¢810 per liter.
  • Regular gasoline is set to inch from ¢744 to ¢780 per liter.
  • Diesel, not to be left behind, will surge from ¢634 to ¢705 per liter.

To break down the direct impact on the consumer’s wallet, anyone purchasing 45 liters of diesel should budget for an added expense of ¢3,195 from next month. Regular gasoline buyers will need to allocate an extra ¢1,620 for a similar volume, while super gasoline consumers will see an uptick of ¢1,035 for 45 liters.

But it’s not just car owners who need to brace themselves. Households, specifically the estimated 750,000 that rely on cooking gas, will also feel the pinch. As per the Refinery’s latest communication, the 25-pound cylinder’s price is set to jump from ¢6,779 to ¢6,812. This modest rise of ¢33 in October follows hot on the heels of a more significant increase of ¢458, rolled out on September 7.

For some historical perspective, the earlier adjustments on September 7 saw super gasoline going up by ¢66, regular gasoline by ¢52, and diesel by ¢44.

The forthcoming price alterations, labeled under tariff study ET-084-2023, pertain to September’s extraordinary price determination. As per the standard operating procedure, the new prices, once announced in the national newspaper, La Gaceta, will be enforced the following day. Hence, consumers are advised to gear up for these inevitable hikes as October commences.

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