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Costa Rica Connectivity: Three New Bridges Linking Garza to Nosara

Three new bridges are now in service on Route 160, between Garza and Nosara. These structures span the Rempujo River, the Esperanza River, and the Sube y Baja stream, offering improved connectivity and safety for the region’s residents and visitors.

The total investment in these infrastructure projects amounts to a substantial ¢2.125 million, evidence of the government’s commitment to enhancing transportation networks in the country.

Each of the bridges is equipped with two spacious lanes for vehicular traffic, ensuring smoother and more efficient movement along the route. Additionally, pedestrian walkways have been thoughtfully integrated on both sides of the bridges, recognizing the significance of accommodating foot traffic, which often forms a substantial portion of the road users in the region.

The newly operational bridges have already made a significant impact on the local communities, offering a myriad of benefits: the improved transportation options mean safer and faster access to educational institutions, medical facilities, places of work, and the seamless transportation of goods and commodities.

In addition, the new bridges also help foster tourism in the area, as transportation is easier for visitors.

Guiones, Punta Pelada, Esperanza Sur, Santa Marta, and Nosara are among the prime beneficiaries of these modern infrastructure developments.

The accessibility to these coastal destinations, will contribute to the economic growth of the region’s tourism sector.

It’s worth noting that the bridges were inaugurated the 199th anniversary of the Annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica. According to the current administration, President Rodrigo Chaves Robles, commenced his tour of the Guanacaste province, underlining the government’s commitment to the region’s progress and prosperity.

Accompanied by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Luis Amador Jiménez, the local authorities emphasized the pivotal role played by these infrastructure developments. While some minor finishing touches, such as painting railings and installing signage, remain to be completed, the positive impact of these bridges is already palpable. The improved transportation options have garnered praise from tourists and locals alike, as they enjoy the long weekend in Guanacaste.

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