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Costa Rican will install security cameras in Nicoya

The Municipality of Nicoya will install 47 video surveillance cameras in several strategic points as part of a plan to improve public safety in lhe canton.

According to the plan developed by the public institution, the towns of Samara and Nosara Beach will get these cameras which will be fully operational by March of next year.

Statistics from OIJ unveiled that in 2023 Nicoya recorded 59 reports of vehicle theft, robbery, and assault.

Mayor Carlos Armando Martínez indicated they would coordinate with the Police Force to determine where the cameras should be placed. He also explained that the plan contemplates the creation of two monitoring centers: one operated by the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) in Nicoya and another by the Ministry of Security.

Likewise, three workstations will be installed in the Municipality and the police stations of Samara and Nosara.

“By installing security cameras in strategic points of the city, we seek to prevent the commission of crimes and, on the other hand, to assist the Public Force, the Judicial Investigation Agency, and the police forces in the investigation of crimes committed in our canton, for a better administration of justice,” said Mayor Martinez.

The contract with CoopeGuanacaste, which will provide the rental service for the video surveillance cameras, has already been duly signed and countersigned by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

“Citizen security results from a set of integrated actions developed by citizens, institutions, organizations, and the Government. The plan aims to bolster peaceful coexistence, the eradication of violence, the orderly use of roads, and the correct use of public spaces; all this, to prevent the commission of crimes and offenses against people and their property,” said Carlos Armando Martinez.

Nicoya is currently integrated into the Sembremos Seguridad program of the Ministry of Public Security, which seeks to prioritize and focus on crimes, social risks, and other factors affecting citizens.

“For us, prevention is crucial to maintain citizen security. Every day we make great efforts to support and promote cultural, social, educational, and economic plans and programs that offer the population the possibility of obtaining their tools for personal, family, and even patrimonial growth,” the Mayor of Nicoya noted.

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