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Costa Rican Tourists Denied Entry to Nicaragua

In a recent incident that has sparked controversy, the regime led by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo prohibited over one hundred Costa Rican tourists from entering Nicaragua.

The travelers, equipped with all the necessary documentation, were denied access to the country despite their plans to visit various historical sites. The entry ban, allegedly imposed for “security reasons,” has raised questions about diplomatic tensions and the impact on cross-border tourism.

Unexpected Roadblock

One hundred Costa Rican tourists embarked on a journey to explore the cultural heritage of Nicaragua, coming from different cities such as Cartago, Desamparados, and Heredia. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when they reached the Nicaraguan border. According to reports from the Nicaraguan press, these tourists had diligently complied with all the requirements but were still denied entry.

The aggrieved tourists expressed their disappointment and confusion about the situation. They had made reservations at reputable hotels in Managua, including the Hilton Hotel and the Holiday Inn Hotel, only to be turned away without any explanation. Despite waiting for nearly two hours, Nicaraguan authorities simply informed them that they were not allowed to enter the country.

Demanding Answers

In response to the incident, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs swiftly demanded an explanation from the Nicaraguan Embassy. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnoldo André, sought clarification from the embassy, while Nicaraguan diplomats reiterated that the entry ban was due to “security reasons.” The Nicaraguan Embassy also stated that the tourists had not completed the necessary paperwork required by the sovereign state for organizations without legal status in Nicaragua.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred under the Ortega-Murillo regime. In a similar case last May, students from the Autonomous University of Honduras were prevented from passing through Nicaragua on their way to attend an academic activity in Costa Rica. Congressman Gilberth Jiménez expressed his displeasure, highlighting that this was not an isolated incident and indicating the existence of ongoing diplomatic tensions.

Diplomatic Relations

The denial of entry to Costa Rican tourists by the Ortega-Murillo regime has ignited concerns about diplomatic relations and the impact on tourism. While the regime cites “security reasons” for the entry ban, the lack of transparency and communication has left the affected tourists and Costa Rican officials seeking clarification.

The incident, along with previous similar occurrences, raises questions about the free flow of people between neighboring countries and the need for improved diplomatic dialogue. Resolving this issue is crucial to maintain healthy cross-border tourism and foster positive relations between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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