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Third Quarter Deadline Set for Brasilito’s New Bridge Completion

The new bridge is set to be in place in the Brasilito community by the end of the third quarter of this year. The structure is on the Zapote River in the Cabo Velas district of Santa Cruz Guanacaste and will have two lanes and sidewalks.

According to the authorities, the bridge on route 180 will cost ¢605 million. The work to build a two-lane structure was ordered to begin on January 31, and the first tasks to be carried out were to improve the road’s accessibility along the cantonal route, known as La Borrachera.

The bridge will be 25 meters long and 10.6 meters wide. The new construction will change from a provisional one-lane crossing to a definitive two-lane crossing, 3.65 meters wide each and with 1.2-meter sidewalks on each side, for the safety of pedestrians, who tend to be numerous in this area during the vacation season.

“In that area, the local municipality placed an asphalt seal, while the National Roads Council (CONAVI) installed a reinforced bridge over a ford so that when it rains, it is possible to continue traveling through the area,” said Pablo Camacho of CONAVI’s Construction Management.

Meanwhile, at the construction site, the construction of one bastion and the excavations for the other are the most relevant tasks that are currently being executed.

With the new infrastructure, CONAVI hopes to reduce traffic jams in the area. There used to be a one-lane bridge over the river near the soccer field, forcing cars to yield and wait for vehicles in the opposite direction.

This situation worsened during the vacation season, especially at the end of the year and Holy Week, when visitation to the area increased significantly.

Businesses, workers, visitors, and the local community will benefit from the new bridge, as it will allow traffic to flow.

“Clearly, the crossing will not be ready for this Easter Week, but it will be ready for the end of next year, hence the benefit for locals and visitors,” added Camacho.

The CONAVI official also reminded visitors that, despite the construction work, it’s still possible to visit the area and invited them to do so during the upcoming vacations. There is clear road signage to take the alternate route, which only involves a short detour.  

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