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Costa Rica Commits to Protecting Bees

The Costa Rican government and municipalities reached an agreement to protect bees. They both signed an inter-institutional commitment to guarantee actions to preserve the life of one of the most important insects.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Laura Bonilla Coto; Jorge Ocampo Sánchez, Executive President of IFAM; and Erick Jiménez Valverde, Mayor of Oreamuno, in the presence of the Vice President of the Republic, Stephan Brunner Neibig and the Deputy Mayor of Limón, Ana Janniel Matarrita Mc Calla.

Bees are essential for crop pollination and the fight against climate change. Their environmental function is transcendental, and the development of human life depends on it.

Costa Rica recently launched the National Strategy for the Protection of Bees, developed by the Municipality of Oreamuno. It aims to establish a general framework of cooperation and facilitation to promote a strategic relationship to raise awareness of the importance of the protection and conservation of bees as pollinating agents.

Erick Jimenez, mayor of Oreamuno, explained that said canton promotes the protection of bees.

“Our main objective is to apply the strategy in the rest of the country; ensuring the species’ survival, mitigating the adverse effects of climate change, and contributing to the agricultural products that are born in our canton,” said the mayor of Oreamuno.

An important part of the success of this strategy is the creation of bee gardens, which will provide bees with food and resting places.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) will provide technical assistance for farmers who wish to be part of this project. In addition, local governments are encouraged to donate vegetative materials for these gardens.

“Local governments will work in coordination with the Agricultural Extension Agencies to adapt the strategy according to the conditions of climate, species, and topography of the canton, and to identify farms and places to develop these pollination spaces,” explained the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Laura Bonilla Coto.

She also confirmed the MAG’s support for the initiative, given the importance of bees for crops such as cucurbits, ayote, and some fruits, such as watermelon and melon.

This strategy was designed jointly by the deputy mayor of Oreamuno, Viviana Carpio Carpio, Environmental Engineer William Maroto, and Biologist Pablo Gómez.

“We are honored to participate in this activity. We need the bees as much as they need us since more than 70% of food production depends on pollinators, such as bees,” commented Vice President Stephan Brunner.

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