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Costa Rica dental tourism: How much do periodontal treatments cost in Costa Rica?

Periodontitis affects more than 64 million Americans age 30 or older, and getting it treated correctly by your dentist in the US can be expensive—especially if you don’t have dental insurance. But today you have more options than ever before thanks to the low cost of periodontal treatments in Costa Rica.

If your dentist has diagnosed you with periodontitis, you’ll want to begin treatment as soon as possible since severe periodontal disease can result in tooth loss. Periodontitis usually begins as gingivitis which causes swollen gums, and bleeding when brushing. Gingivitis may appear in small sections of your gums, so it’s easy to miss in the early stages. That’s why it’s important to see your dentist regularly.

If allowed to progress untreated, gingivitis leads to periodontitis — where the gums begin to separate from the roots of your teeth, forming pockets that trap plaque and calculus. The first step of treatment is to remove the calculus and plaque. You may even need surgery to promote gums to re-attach to teeth roots.

The first phase of periodontal treatment, known as deep cleaning and planing, will cost you as much as $350 per quadrant in the US. You can expect to pay a lot less in Costa Rica at about $150 per quadrant. Gum surgery can cost as much as $10,000. In Costa Rica, however, gum surgery is $375-500 per quadrant. A full mouth gum surgery can cost just $1,500 to $2,000 in Costa Rica. The cost of having your gums “recontoured” to smooth out the pockets and remove gaps will run you about $100 per treatment in Costa Rica.

You can expect to need several appointments with your dentist to complete your periodontal treatments — so why not book a trip to Costa Rica, where you can combine your dental care while enjoying Costa Rica’s spectacular natural beauty? There’s something for everyone whether you prefer to relax on the beach or observe exotic wildlife in the tropical jungle.

— Dr. Carlos Fiorito, Goodness Dental

Goodness Dental has the highest ranked periodontists in Costa Rica. Fill out a form on the clinic’s website to get a free estimate on periodontal work in Costa Rica.

Patients interested in learning more about periodontal treatments in Costa Rica can reach the patient coordinators at Goodness Dental shown below:

  • Dr. Peter Aborn: 866-218-1036
  • Dr. Carlos Fiorito: 866-260-5196
  • Dr. Karen Yurell: 866-367-6835
  • Ana Lucia Morales, CPC: 888-256-1768

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