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Planning your dental care in Costa Rica

This article is about two things that we seldom combine or anticipate with pleasure: planning and dental care.

Costa Rica is a popular dental tourism destination. Some of the best dental clinics in the world are located here and can make that smile brighter and more beautiful — with a little planning, of course.  Are you thinking about a trip to Costa Rica for some much-needed dental care? Many dental procedures require planning. Here’s why:

Step-by-step procedures

Dental treatment often requires multiple steps taken in a logical order. Some procedures, such as dental x-rays, are required before other steps are taken. Other procedures — for example, dental implants — typically require two steps or more with some time in between some steps. In the first step, the implants are inserted into the jawbone, followed by a period of osteointegration where the bone grows into the implant giving it strength and stability before abutments and ultimately crowns or other devices are affixed.

Logistics count

Logistics are always part of the plan. When will you have time away from work? When will the kids be visiting their cousins in another city? What will the weather be like at that time of the year? How much time will your procedure require? Will you be able to include a few days of rest and relaxation? How do you book your tickets? Where will you stay? How will you get around once you arrive in Costa Rica? There are many important elements that need to be planned for a successful dental travel experience.

Sailing over the money hurdles

Budgeting considerations are part of the plan. Higher-ticket procedures, including those that may require numerous steps over a relatively long period of time — for example, a full mouth restoration or All on 4 dental implants — should be planned within your budgetary means.

Whether you are using savings or paying using credit or current earnings, GETAWAY DENTAL has demonstrated that they will work with you to make sure everything works. While most patients will realize savings of 50% or more in Costa Rica, for patients that need to save even more, GETAWAY DENTAL is one of the most economical clinics in Costa Rica. They have trimmed away the unnecessary frills while mandating that their specialists use only the best American and German materials.

Many low-priced dental clinics in Costa Rica save money by cutting corners, using cheap, substandard materials. GETAWAY DENTAL saves their patients money … offering prices that are 10% less than other clinics by purchasing in volume and planning and scheduling more economically to provide patients with low prices without sacrificing quality. The clinic is small, but modern. The equipment is new and advanced. If you need to save money on your dental care, this is the place to start.

You are not alone

If you are looking for a dental clinic that will help you manage the details of your dental care and travel, the team at GETAWAY DENTAL has many years of experience in planning remarkable dental vacations. You will never be alone in this process.

Many American and Canadian patients seeking low-cost dental care in Costa Rica have received affordable, successful treatment programs. They are the not the cheapest clinic in Costa Rica and they aren’t miracle workers, so don’t call them for free dental care! But if you are serious about getting your dental procedures done and need to save money without taking risks, this is the right Costa Rica dental clinic for you.

Milena Chaves of Getaway Dental.The team at GETAWAY DENTAL is ready to help you plan, step-by-step if necessary, to get you that beautiful smile you deserve. Call 844-854-6824 to get started today.

— Milena Chaves is a Patient Coordinator at Getaway Dental. 

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