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This 4-year-old girl is very upset Laura Chinchilla will no longer be Costa Rica’s president

Amanda García Soto, a toddler from Heredia, had a strong reaction to news about last Sunday’s presidential elections. Not because she cared about who won the race. But because her parents informed her that Laura Chinchilla’s term was coming to a close.

The toddler’s parents filmed the video and Radio Monumental interviewed the parents and uploaded a version to YouTube, entitled “Little Girl Mourns Departure of President Laura Chinchilla.” (Chinchilla later told the radio station she saw the clip, and found it moving).

In the video, the wee one shrieks “I’m going to miss her!” She sobs through her hands. “It’s so sad!”

Uncertain what would cause such an emotional outpour, her father asks, “Why are you so upset? I don’t understand.”

“Laura Chinchilla!” cries the girl.

“You love her a lot, don’t you?” asks her mother.

Soto nods and sniffles.

We are aware that many people will be pleased to see the not-so-popular president leave office in May. But that’s an adorable kid, and it’s cute she’s crying over a president’s  impending departure.

Children might be able to sympathize better with Chinchilla than others anyway. One of her administration’s key agenda items was launching a national daycare network. Also if you check Chinchilla’s Twitter feed, you’ll see the president really, really loves kids. (She doesn’t even let political divisions get in the way.)

Comments on the video have been divided.

“My children love [Chinchilla],” wrote Silvia Hidalgo. “A woman to admire.”

Said Olman Tellez: “Children don’t know… they’re innocent.”


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