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Blockbuster movie ‘After Earth’ – filmed partially in Costa Rica – premieres in the U.S.

After Earth, filmed partially in Costa Rica and starring Jaden and Will Smith, takes place 1000 years after a cataclysmic event has forced humanity to escape from Earth to a new home, Nova Prime. After an asteroid storm damages their craft, Cypher (Will) and Kitai (Jaden) find themselves crash-landed on planet Earth, where everything has evolved to kill humans and an unstoppable alien creature is on the loose. Cypher is critically injured and it is up to Kitai to save them by trekking across 100 kilometers of hostile terrain to retrieve the rescue a beacon from a fallen section of the ship.

Having failed to pass the test to become a ranger, Kitai now has the chance to prove himself to his father, the Legendary General Cypher Raige.

After Earth opens in U.S. theatres May 31 and in Costa Rica theatres in June. The famous father-and-son duo started filming in February of 2012 around Arenal Volcano.

“Costa Rica is such a great place … it’s very cool, I really like it out here.” Jaden Smith said in a behind the scenes interview by Cambio. He also expressed concern over filming next to a volcano, among live snakes and wild pigs, and about finding 4-inch cockroaches in his bed.

The film company employed wildlife experts and four snake wranglers on the team to sweep the area before the shoot, ensuring it was “safe” for the crew.

Will Smith, who wrote the starring role into the film specifically for his son, said he enjoyed Costa Rica and plans to choose more films in the future based location.  “Costa Rica just gives the film a very eerie size and scope,” he said.

Official preview:

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