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Friday, June 2, 2023

Cosevi announces that traffic fines stand

The Roadway Safety Council (COSEVI) sent out a press statement Thursday afternoon to clarifying an alleged miscommunication between the government agency and the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV). Earlier in the day, a press statement by the Sala IV indicated that traffic fines would be suspended when appealed to the court. The Sala IV would then determine if the fine was constitutional prior to enforcing or waiving the fine.  

Cosevi sent out a press statement shortly after to clarify that the temporary suspension of fines applies to violations issued by transit officials and not the recently installed traffic cameras. 

“The decision of the Sala IV suspended possible fines related to article 131b, which refers to violating traffic signals, speed limits, and infractions issued by transit police,” said Silvia Bolaños, the director of COSEVI. “It is not related to article 131a that is related to the camera monitoring system.”

Bolaños added that the speed limits observed by the traffic cameras have not yet been questioned for constitutionality.  

Camera infractions fell more than 50 percent in the third week of operation compared to totals from the first two weeks. From Sept. 21-27, 3,862 motorists – an average of 552 per day – were recorded speeding more than 20 kph over the limit. From Sept. 8-20, 15,429 violations were recorded for an average of 1,187 per day.

Since the cameras were installed on Sept. 8, 19,300 total violations have been recorded.


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