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New Free-Trade Zone Focuses on Service Sector

A free-trade zone focusing on the service industry has officially opened in Calle Blancos, east of San José, a location officials hope will be a boon to business.

Project director Alvaro Monge said the biggest advantage to this free-trade zone is its proximity to universities and urban centers, where most potential employees live.

The project is located near the University of Costa Rica and Universidad Latina and a mere kilometer from San José’s Central Park.

Although the free-trade zone officially opened last month, it already houses three companies – TeleTech, TechData and Countrywide Financial. All provide services such as call centers, business processing operations and customer service for clients located around the world.

Monge hopes similar service industries will take the hint and move in to the 12,000 square-meter facility. He estimated up to 1,400 new jobs could be generated in the space.

Six free-trade zones focusing on the service industry exist in and around San José, but this is the first to locate in the eastern part of the capital, Monge said.



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