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Arias Has Swollen Tendon, Needs ‘Complete Repose’

The President’s Achilles heel has brought him down. Literally.

Casa Presidencial announced Tuesday that the Achilles tendon of President Oscar Arias’ right foot is severely inflamed and doctors have ordered at least two week of “complete repose” for the head of state as it heals.

As for the events on his agenda, Arias will either send a representative or change the location to his house in Rohrmoser in western San José. Potential representatives include his brother, Presidency Minister Rodrigo Arias, or Vice-Presidents Laura Chinchilla and Kevin Casas.

The pain started last week, said Casa Presidencial spokeswoman Lisbeth Barboza.

Arias tried to continue his normal activities but his doctor counseled him to stay at home.

Arias could not attend most events on his agenda this week. He skipped two events  Tuesday in San José – one honoring theNational Council for Scientific and Technological Research and another celebrating Black Culture Day.

He was unable to attend his weekly Cabinet meeting Wednesday, and he missed the inauguration of a summit of Presidency Ministers from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Arias did meet Tuesday in his house with Takahiro Yokomichi, vice-president of Japan’s House of Representatives. The two discussed President Arias’ Peace with Nature initiative, the issue of primary school education and projects by the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress.

The President also cancelled a planned trip to Panama to help celebrate works to expand the Canal. Rodrigo Arias will represent his brother at the event.




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