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Where Can I Purchase Pastillas de Violeta?

I have spent hours searching on the Internet, and will now turn to you. Do you have any links to a store that will sell me a box (I think eight rolls) of Gallito’s Pastillas de Violeta? It would have to be an online transaction since I am in the United States. They were a little Lifesaver-size purple candy that my mother used to bring from Costa Rica. She is still a Costa Rican citizen and maintains a residence in Puntarenas. Can you help?

Randy Greene

Bedford, Indiana, USA

El Gallito Industrial in La Ribera de Belén, northwest of San José, manufactured – notice our use of the past tense – the candy you describe. El Gallito has now, via acquisition, become Kraft Foods Costa Rica.

Kraft has stopped manufacturing the candy, which was the “violet-flavored” version of the twin “Pastillas de Menta” mint-flavored candy in rolls.

“Like any company, we periodically have to do cost and sales studies on each of our products,” explained Auxiliadora Brenes of Kraft’s sales department. The Pastillas de Violeta were relatively costly to make, she said, but sales were no longer strong enough to warrant continuing the line.



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