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How Can I Contact President Oscar Arias?

I would like to know how to write to President Oscar Arias. I looked on a few of the government Web sites but received no reply after inquiries.

Perhaps you know of a mailing address or e-mail address where letters to the President are sent?

Thank you for your help. I spent six months in Costa Rica, and found your newspaper useful during my stay. I continue to read some of the top stories online as they are updated each Friday.

Brad Porter

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

You can contact President Arias by snail mail or e-mail, according to the press office at Casa Presidencial. To send a letter, write to:

Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez

Presidente de la República

Casa Presidencial

Apdo. 520-2010

Zapote, San José, Costa Rica

To contact him by e-mail, send a message through his secretary, Mariangel Solera, at

To contact members of the Legislative Assembly, write to:

Relaciones Públicas, Prensa y Protocolo

Atención (legislator’s name here)

Asamblea Legislativa

Apdo. 78-1013

San José, Costa Rica.

All legislators and their e-mail addresses are listed by name, party (fracción) and province at Just click on “Diputados y diputadas” on the menu to the left.



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