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El Salvador to Sell Energy for Elections

MANAGUA – Nicaragua will purchase 50-meggawatts of energy from El Salvador from Nov. 2-10 to prevent blackouts during the elections, according to the National Energy Commission.

The $5 million it will cost Nicaragua to make the purchase has already been authorized by the National Assembly.

In addition to the Salvadoran market, Nicaragua is will also buy surplus energy from other Central American countries to make up for its grinding power deficit, which has resulted in 6-8 hour daily blackouts throughout most of the country.

Guatemala and Panama reportedly have already agreed to sell power to Nicaragua, while similar agreements are being hashed out with Costa Rica and Honduras, according to the energy commission.

Nicaragua’s daily energy demand is between 450-480 megawatts, yet the country is only producing around 370 megawatts when running at full tilt.

While the government has promised 24- hour uninterrupted power during election week. It’s anyone’s guess what happens after that.



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