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Costa Rica Denounces Suspension of Doha Round

Costa Rica has denounced the suspension of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round negotiations to end agricultural subsidies. Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Minister called the talks “vital” for the development of small economies.

The negotiations were stalled indefinitely after the G6 group of leading WTO trading partners failed to agree on how far to cut farm subsidies and tariffs.

“It is a serious situation for everyone,” Costa Rican Foreign Trade Minister Marco Vinicio Ruiz said in a July 25 statement.

“The Doha Round would bring global growth and opportunities for all.” Ruiz said the Doha Round would give Costa Rica the chance to negotiate with other countries with which it has not had the chance to negotiate bilaterally.

“This … should make all WTO members think hard about what is at risk. I trust that each one of us will understand that the only way to make necessary agreements is that all must be flexible. This was not possible today.”

Costa Rica will “double its forces” to defend its commercial interests in the WTO, an organization in which small countries “assert their rights against countries that lead in trade,” he said.

Costa Rica has historically been an active player in WTO negotiations, and supports the strengthening of a multilateral system of commerce to achieve greater liberalization and integration of trade.

Ruiz said Costa Rica hopes the negotiations can be renewed as soon as possible.



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