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U.S. Man Found Guilty Of Slaying Honduran Wife

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) – LongIsland native Andrew Stephen Gole, 47,last Friday was found guilty in a criminalcourt of killing and dismembering his 25-year-old Honduran wife, MarthaMoncada, last year in a hotel room in theHonduran capital.Judge Helena Bonilla said Gole couldreceive the maximum jail sentence of 30-40 years during the formal sentencinglater this month.Gole, dubbed by the Honduran pressas “The Butcher from New York,” confessedto the gruesome murder on May 7,claiming Moncada had mistreated theiryoung son.Other accounts reported in New Yorkdaily newspapers claimed Gole flew intoa fit of rage when his wife refused tomove back to Long Island with him andtheir son.The New York Post reported thatMoncada had been a mail-order bride.After beating and strangling his wifeto death in the hotel room in front of theirson, Gole reportedly went out and boughta hacksaw and dismembered his wife inthe bathtub. Gole then checked out of thehotel with his wife’s body stuffed in severalsuitcases, which he later dumped bythe side of the road.A taxi driver found the suitcases andcalled the police, who quickly arrestedGole as he was returning his rental car inpreparation to leave the country for NewYork.


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