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National Wages Council

Salary increase for private sector set at 1.14 percent

The salary increase for 2017 followed the approval of a new calculation methodology that National Wage Council member said will benefit workers.

0.5% pay increase approved for minimum-wage workers in private sector

Private-sector workers receiving minimum monthly wage will receive a 0.5 percent hike starting July 1.

Private-sector employers offer 0.94 percent wage increase for second half of 2015

Government representatives will meet next week with union leaders and employers to vote on a final amount.

Government, private-sector unions negotiate wage hikes for second half of 2015

Union leaders on Monday will request a 2 percent increase in private-sector wages for the second half of this year, at a 4 p.m. session of the Labor Ministry's National Wages Council.

Agreement reached on wage increase for public employees

Starting next month, public employees in Costa Rica will receive a salary increase ranging from 1.08 to 1.60 percent depending on profession. However, some unions are not happy with the amount.

New wages for private-sector workers take effect this month

The 2.01 percent salary increase approved in October by the National Wages Council went into effect on Thursday and will remain in place for the first six months of this year.

Salary increase for private sector set at 2.01 percent

The National Wages Council on Monday evening approved a 2.01 percent salary increase for private-sector employees that will be applied in the first half of 2015. The approved rate corresponds to the proposal presented by government officials during a hearing at the Labor Ministry earlier on Monday.

Private sector employers propose 1.62 percent salary increase for 2015

Labor representatives last week submitted a proposal for increases ranging from 2.91-4.58 percent, depending on worker's salary level.

Salary increase for private sector set at 2.35 percent with a little extra for minimum-wage earners

The National Wages Council on Tuesday evening approved with six votes in favor and three against an increase of 2.35 percent for 1.2 million workers in the country’s private sector. The percentage increase will apply to salaries for the next six months.

Private-sector employers offer 1.33 percent salary hike

Leaders of the Costa Rican Union of Private Sector Chambers and Associations on Monday evening presented the National Wages Council with their wage-hike proposal for the private sector. The proposal would change wages for the second half of the year.

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