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Friday, February 23, 2024

Significant Weather Shift Expected Across Costa Rica

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) has forecasted a notable shift in weather conditions for the rest of the week.

For today, the IMN predicts elevated temperatures across the nation, with the ultraviolet radiation index indicating values categorized as very high and extreme. Experts are advising the public to take extra precautions to shield themselves from the intense sun during this period.

“Low humidity levels persist in the atmosphere, coupled with a limited cloud cover that fosters a warm environment throughout most of the national territory,” reported a meteorologist.

However, a significant weather shift is anticipated on Wednesday as a new cold front influences the region. The IMN anticipates a moderation in the trade wind, particularly in the northern parts of the country, owing to an increase in atmospheric pressure associated with the cold front.

“From the early hours of Wednesday, the trade wind is expected to intensify due to a rise in atmospheric pressure caused by the approaching cold front,” stated the IMN.

As the week progresses, experts anticipate sustained accelerated wind conditions, especially towards the center and north of the country. The increase in wind and the transport of dry air masses will contribute to cooler temperatures in these regions.

“In the mornings, expect partly cloudy to variable conditions on the Pacific slope, while the Caribbean slope may experience isolated weak rain from Tuesday to Thursday. Afternoons will bring partly cloudy skies to variable clouds over the Caribbean and east of the Northern Zone, with possible isolated showers through Wednesday,” highlighted the Institute.

The Central and South Pacific regions are forecasted to experience increasing cloudiness, with a moderate trade wind expected for sectors east of the Central Valley and in the North Pacific starting Wednesday.

Nighttime conditions will vary across the country, with occasional clouds and potential showers in the Caribbean and Northern Zone from Tuesday to Wednesday. The Pacific slope is anticipated to be partly cloudy during the same period.

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