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Air Transat Expands Costa Rica Flights To Year-Round

Air Transat has announced a major expansion of its Montreal-Liberia flight route, upgrading the previously seasonal winter service to year-round operations starting May 1, 2024. The flights will now operate every Sunday, providing enhanced flexibility for travelers to experience Costa Rica’s spectacular natural landscapes during non-peak periods.

Ange Croci, Chief Commercial and Communication Officer at Guanacaste Airport (LIR) and member of VINCI Airports, welcomed the news: “We are absolutely thrilled with Air Transat’s increased flight frequencies to Liberia. The addition of regular year-round routes reflects the success of VINCI Airports’ partnership strategy to boost visitor numbers.”

According to Croci, the extended flight availability will facilitate more frequent visits for Canadians living in Costa Rica to reunite with loved ones back home. She also anticipates record-breaking Canadian tourist arrivals with the new 12-month option.

“Previously, the Montreal-Liberia flights only operated during the winter high season. By offering this route all year long, Air Transat is providing travelers so much more flexibility to experience Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes and adventures during non-peak periods,” Croci explained.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of El Salvador, Adriana Mira, also praised the flight expansion, predicting a significant boost to both tourism and the economy. “By increasing accessibility, this will drive up visitor numbers from Canada, which is fantastic news for our tourism industry and wider economy,” she stated.

While the upgrade caters enormously to leisure travelers, it also benefits Canadians living in Costa Rica and El Salvador, along with nationals from both countries residing in Canada. Having year-round Montreal flights facilitates more regular family reunions and visits with friends.

Air Transat similarly added a new 12-month route from Montreal to San Salvador operating each Wednesday. For travelers seeking an enchanting Central American experience beyond just peak winter seasons, the charm of Costa Rica and El Salvador is now more accessible than ever thanks to Air Transat’s boosted connectivity.

Tickets for these extended routes can be conveniently accessed through the Air Transat website at

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