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The President of Costa Rica criticizes human rights violations in Nicaragua

The President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, denounced the violation of human rights in Nicaragua during the VI Summit of the Alliance for Development in Democracy (ADD) in Quito, Ecuador.

“It’s as if we were contemplating an infamous portrait of the Latin America of the 80s. Today we are ashamed witnesses of the systematic violation of human rights in the Republic of Nicaragua and the stripping of the citizenship of the 222 political prisoners who were released on February 9 and are currently in exile in the United States, deprived of their right to belong to their country,” said President Chaves Robles.

First Lady Signe Zeikate and the Chancellor, Arnoldo André, accompanied President Chaves at the event.

In addition, during his speech, President Chaves Robles reaffirmed the commitment of the ADD member countries to fight to defend democracies since they are a fundamental pillar for the region’s development.

“The founding countries of this Alliance believe that no development is possible without democracy. Under this vision, we defend the autonomy and self-realization of the nations that forge their future in freedom. For us, there is no such thing as a small country because the territorial extension of a nation does not measure the size of its aspirations”, mentioned the President of Costa Rica.

The DDA constitutes a space for dialogue and joint strategic coordination. The governments of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic exchanged opinions and experiences to address and propose solutions to the region’s challenges.

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