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Costa Rica Travel: 8 Essentials For Every Female Solo Traveler

Home to some of the world’s most amazing waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks, and beaches, it is no wonder that Costa Rica sees a high influx of tourists every year. And among them are many female solo travelers.

There is something very special about solo travel. It’s where solitude, self-indulgence, and freedom are your friends. Solo travel is refreshing and rejuvenating. It helps you connect with people, make friends and even reconnect with nature. You are like a free bird in the wild skies!

But though we, as females, take pride in having the confidence to take solo trips, we should also be assured of our comfort and safety at the same time. Keeping this in mind, I have curated these 8 essentials which you must pack in your bag for your next trip. Keep rocking!

8 Essentials For Every Female Solo Traveler

1. Day Backpack

You of course need to have a light day backpack to store all the essentials you need with you to go out. Girls can never have enough of them, right?

Make sure you always pack a lightweight but spacious backpack, that does not give you a backache from the load. A 10-liter bag is a good option! You can even carry it to hiking, camping, or any other outdoor adventure.

2. Sunscreen

Now, this is every girl’s savior, and you just can’t miss packing this. Whether you plan to go on a tour, hiking, biking, or plan to relax on a beach, sunscreen is going to save you from getting tanned. More than that, it will protect you from harmful UV rays and sunburns.

Costa Rica lies near the equator so the sun is strong here. Bring a minimum of SPF 30, or SPF 50-70 if you burn easily. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply after every 3 hours.

3. Multi-tool

This is something that can come to your rescue in moments of crisis. Whether the task is as small as cutting fruit or as complex as tightening nuts and bolts, a multi-tool can be used for any and every purpose. It does justice to the name given to it. And, ladies, a multi-tool can also be used as a weapon for self-defense when attacked by a pickpocket or a molester.

4. Personal Safety Alarm

While keeping pepper spray is the best thing to do in some developing countries, many countries have a ban on pepper spray, and may even not be allowed in checked baggage. The next best thing to bring along is a personal safety alarm which is completely legal.

It is very small & easy to carry around and makes a very loud noise on pressing. In the event of a molester or attacker approaching you, a personal safety alarm can deter them from acting further.

5. Battery Backup

We, millennials, like to use our phones a lot. Be it taking pictures, navigating routes, surfing the net, or posting on social media, we are constantly on our phones. Even on a holiday. Yeah, that’s sad!

Well, my point is, always keep a battery backup with you. You never know when your phone might get discharged, and even though you might be carrying a charger, you may not find a place to plug it in, like camping. And this is yet another method, for female travelers, to ensure safety while traveling.

6. First-aid

Always keep a first aid kit handy because you can not call 911 in all situations. At times when you can, help may arrive late. It’s also good to have some basic first-aid knowledge or training. If you do not already have a first-aid kit, consider getting one before your next trip.

7. Scarf

Okay, so this may sound off the hook to you, but a scarf is a very useful item. How? Well, because it has multiple uses. You can use it on a chilly evening to wrap around yourself, you can use it to tie your hair, you can cover your face with it to protect yourself against tanning and you can use it for tying things in situations where you don’t find any other reliable material. A useful item to pack, right?

8. Sarong

Similarly, a sarong is another must-have item when traveling to Costa Rica. Use it as a towel on the beach, lie on it on the sand, wrap it around after a dip in the ocean, use it as a dress in an emergency, sit on it when admiring a view, use it to protect yourself from mosquitoes, and they can be used as curtains when you need to change in public. Wow, those were some really nice uses of a sarong! Don’t forget to pack one on your trip to Costa Rica!

Final Words

Solo travel in Costa Rica is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. And if you have never embarked on a solo adventure before, this country in Central America is the best place to begin with!

Astha Garg
Astha Garg
Content Creator & Certified Yoga Instructor An advocate for environmental consciousness, has a strong quest for knowledge, and a deep love for traveling & exploring.

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