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The Costa Rican Mule Festival in Parrita

The traditional Mule Festival will be held at the fairgrounds of the Association for the Welfare in Parrita starting today, February 9 and goes until February 20th.

The Costa Rican Mule Festival in Parrita is an annual celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage and a tribute to the hardworking mule. The festival, which takes place in the picturesque town of Parrita, is a lively and colorful event that attracts tourists and locals alike.

The festival started in 1989 and was originally a mule race between farm workers. At first, it was hosted at the Esterillos’ airfield, and later, it was moved to Parrita by Aristides Porras.

The festival is centered around the mule, a humble yet powerful animal that has been an integral part of Costa Rican culture for generations. Mules were once used to transport goods and people through the rugged terrain of the country, and today, they are celebrated for their strength and endurance.

The festival begins with a parade through the streets of Parrita, featuring beautifully decorated mules and their riders. The mules are adorned with bright flowers, colorful ribbons, and intricate harnesses, making them a stunning sight to behold. The parade is accompanied by lively music and the sounds of clanging bells, creating a festive atmosphere that is contagious.

One of the highlights of the festival is the mule race, which tests the speed and agility of these strong animals. The race is a thrilling spectacle, with mules galloping at top speed and riders clinging to their backs. The competition is fierce, and the winner is crowned with a ribbon and a round of applause from the crowd.

This year’s event is expected to feature between 30 to 40. The mule, “La Macha,” is the favorite, as it has won the races for the past three year

Aside from the mule events, the festival also features a variety of other activities, including traditional food stalls, live music, and dance performances. Visitors can sample local cuisine, such as tamales, gallo pinto, and casado, while enjoying the sounds of marimba bands and other live music.

“It attracts a lot of people to the canton, and every year the people of Parrita look forward to these dates because it benefits the whole community as it revives local commerce, hotels, restaurants, entrepreneurs, supermarkets, stores,” said Monica Quesada, Environmental Manager of the Municipality of Parrita.

Alberto Lopez, General Manager of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), said that this is a very important activity to promote these traditions that have benefited the community of Parrita for years. He also mentioned that it “helps us to understand more about the identity of each region of our country.”

The ICT invites both local and international tourists to visit the canton of Parrita and enjoy the festival. It’s the perfect occasion to learn more about the history and traditions of Costa Rica. Those who would like to attend or want further information can visit Facebook “Mulita 2023” or call (506) 8904-0239.

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