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Gateway Moving: Your Gateway to Your New Home

When people think about moving, they often find the logistics of shipping their belongings to another location overwhelming. If it is an international move, people worry about how their belongings will arrive, the packaging to be used, if it is a professional company, the cumbersome customs procedure, and the many things that can happen. Moving is well known to be one of life’s most stressful events.

That’s precisely why Gateway is the perfect solution for any move. It is the ideal company that will take the worry out of moving with the highest level of care, Gateway provides every service you expect from a professional moving company.

Their international team can provide you with a moving plan customized to your personal specifications and budget.

Gateway Moving

Gateway Moving is a Costa Rica based moving company specializing in residential and commercial moving services around the globe to and from Costa Rica. The company also provides professional packing services, custom crating service and storage solutions. Client satisfaction is their primary focus

Alvaro Gago, the company founder set a goal: to be on top in Costa Rica moving industry by innovating, quality performance and professionalism.

The company is built on the pillar of excellence in the moving industry and customer service. Therefore, it is governed by the highest quality standards and the usual guidelines in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Gateway’s growth has been immense in the last few years, and it’s the most successful moving company in Costa Rica. This is because 90% of clients come from references, and the company always strives to provide an excellent service.

In addition, Alvaro Gago highlights his great staff as one of the company’s assets. Everyone who works there goes through a process of education and training. Everyone understands the sensitive part behind a move and empathizes with those leaving their beloved home behind.

For everyone involved in the company, it’s not just about making a move per se. Everyone understands and is sensitized to the different reasons behind it. The human component of listening, closeness, and understanding is an excellent hallmark of the company.

Another essential aspect is that the business is used by diplomatic accounts, embassies, international organizations, and multinational companies. In other words, it is highly valued and trusted by large companies and government official worldwide.


Gateway Moving and Relocation offers every service you need, whether you’re looking to move abroad or locally, need packaging service or custom crating, vehicle shipping, customs brokerage services, or storage for your goods,

International moving

Moving out of the country is an exciting experience. Still, it can also be stressful and worrying, especially when considering what will happen to the items that need to be moved to another location.

At Gateway, they understand that perfectly. That is why they have devised a system that will allow you to have total peace of mind when moving internationally and enjoy the process of starting your life in another country.

The Gateway team comprises international movers and packers, who are experts in the right way to pack items and position them in the moving truck. They can handle everything, even the most delicate pieces.

Once you have contracted their services with the company, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about, and your belongings will arrive at the door of your new home.

No matter where in the world you are moving from, there will always be a Gateway team ready to help you and provide you with the best service. 

Local moving

Local moves can be equally complex. Therefore, the team of specialists in San Jose is trained to make your move a stress-free event. Whether you are moving a couple of blocks away or hundreds of miles, the team is ready to take care of everything.

Gateway is also an expert in office and corporate moves. It is understood that in this type of move, it is necessary to do everything as quickly as possible, following proper logistics, obviously without neglecting that the process is done to perfection.

The employees in charge of the removal are a team of punctual and well-organized moving professionals; their work ethic allows them to achieve the best results, which will significantly satisfy you.

Packing and crating

Packing is one of the most critical parts of moving. For most, it means wasting precious time and energy that could be spent on some other activity.

Logically, you want to ensure that your items are well packed and secure and that you have special instructions for some of them so that the staff will be fully dedicated to you and your needs. They will follow your instructions and ensure that your precious items are safe.

The team is aware of your household or office items’ sentimental or actual value, which is why they ensure that each item is handled with care, skill, and efficiency. Costumers can be sure that packers take their job seriously.

Another important aspect is the packaging material. At Gateway, we are committed to using high-quality supplies by using the company’s packing materials, assuring that all items will be fully protected. Movers and packers do everything they can to prevent all kinds of damage.

Whether it’s your office items or those that hold sentimental value, the company will protect them to the best of its ability so that you can enjoy them in your new office or home.

Vehicle shipping

For various reasons, many people choose to bring their car with them. Some do not know how to start importing their vehicle to Costa Rica; others think it is too difficult or practically impossible. For Gateway, it is a simple procedure and a process in which it is an expert.

Undoubtedly, to bring your car to the country, it is necessary to contact experts in the field since it is essential to have the logistical and regulatory knowledge of Costa Rica.

Gateway provides crating services, storage, customs brokerage, and insurance to meet the needs of quality vehicle shipping services. 

The team experts will quote a personalized custom logistics plan to ensure your vehicle’s safe delivery anywhere you wish. Do not let just anyone do this work for you, be sure to hire specialists, as transporting large and valuable objects like a vehicle requires a well-structured plan.

All customers can be sure their cars are in the right hands. Moving insurance, customs brokerage service, storage service, and industrial crating for vehicle protection are all aspects experts consider when preparing to ship the car.

When working with Gateway, safety in transport is ensured: the vehicle will be safely tucked in a custom-made wooden crate that will keep it sheltered even during the stormiest sea condition.

Not only will your vehicle arrive at its destination, but it will do so in an ideal condition, minimizing any risks and problems.

Customs brokerage

Even when people try to find out everything about the new country they are moving to, it is impossible to know every detail and to know every detail, especially on issues as specific as customs. That is why it is always best to seek the help and service of field experts with many years of experience.

The Gateway personnel takes care of all the research, filing, and tracking, while you can invest your precious time in other important matters. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out everything on Costa Rican customs, but rather leave it in the hands of professionals who are more than happy to help.

Additionally, the company will guarantee that your international shipments clear customs without any issues. With experienced and work-driven brokers, the company can: ensure shipments meet international regulations, prepare, evaluate and submit all the paperwork and documentation, and communicate with government agencies while keeping you updated.

Being customer-centric also involves looking out for clients in every part of the journey. Those who work at Gateway know to classify shipments correctly, so no unnecessary costs are added to the final bill, making quotes extremely accurate.

Don’t waste your time and resources dealing with administrative processes, which tend to be a hassle. Let experts handle everything for you!

Storage services

Having a space where personal items can be stored is a great advantage. It is possible that when moving from one place to another, you may have more things than you need or that you will not use them all the time. However, getting rid of them is not always the best idea.

In the case of offices, there will always be essential documents and paperwork that can’t just be thrown away quickly. Therefore, having ample and secure space to keep those important things is extremely handy.

Likewise, sports or camping items, antiques, baby furniture, and many other valuable objects would be impossible to fit into a furnished home. They are likely to be useful at one point, so keeping them is the right choice.

Gateway offers long and short-term rentals for every need. There are different storage sizes, depending on what clients look for. The prices are also reasonable and will adjust to the various budgets.

Indeed, all the belongings will be kept in high-quality storage for as long as needed. With your needs and budget in mind, Gateway employees will give the best options so every client can choose whatever suits them best. Everything will be arranged appropriately and taken care of.

Why choose Gateway?

Gateway is a 100% Costa Rican company that follows the highest international standards and is focused on offering the best service of the highest quality, totally focused on satisfying the demands of the most demanding customer.

The company’s focus is to meet the demands of buyers. All staff is fully bilingual, eliminating communication barriers and offering a fully personalized service. Waiting times are short, as each person needs a prompt response to find their ideal service.

At Gateway, we take the time to talk to you, understand your case, assess your needs and budget, and then provide you with a quote that meets your needs.

The company has a serious commitment to the environment. Paper has been eliminated, waste is disposed of responsibly, and is delivered to a duly registered recycler. Locally, cotton blankets are used, which are reusable; nothing is moved if it is not packed. Plastic is no longer used, and rubber bands are used to eliminate the adhesive tape. Consideration is being given to removing the truck fleet and acquiring electric trucks in the long term.

Customer references are Gateway’s best cover letter. In all this time, many people have expressed that they are incredibly pleased with the services and recommend it. A former customer, Berth Slater, mentioned, “We moved from Colorado to Costa Rica. Alvaro is very responsive and professional, and the container arrived earlier than he quoted. Great straight forward experience.”

“Gateway made my move from Seattle as painless as possible. I would use Gateway again for an international relocation,” said another client.

Most customers highlighted the company’s main attributes: professionalism, punctuality, quality services, and responsiveness. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are in the best hands and will arrive at their destination.

The most beloved possessions should be in the hands of the right, ethical and professional people, who will seek at all times to take the best possible care of them. Each person deserves specialized treatment that is tailored to their needs. For this, Gateway is your best ally in all the moving services needed.

Ready to get moving?

Gateway Moving will provide you with a moving experience you simply won’t find anyplace else! You can contact them at or calling at +506 2239 2453 or +506 6068 2447 or visit their website

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