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Reese Witherspoon’s Costa Rica Vacation: “I feel like a new woman”

US actress, Reese Witherspoon, visited Costa Rica along with a group of friends. The celebrity posted a video on Instagram showing her experience in the country and talking about the amazing experience she had.

“Three days in Costa Rica with the most amazing women. I feel like a new woman,” Witherspoon captioned her Instagram reel.

She also tagged The Well, which is a holistic retreat, surrounded by nature and luxurious accommodations. It is known for its wellness approach, involving yoga, relaxation, different therapies and contact with nature.

“I spent three days in Costa Rica, it was amazing! So beautiful! The hotel was incredible,” says the actress while showing images of her arrival and the place where she stayed.

Witherspoon also highlighted how delicious Costa Rican coffee is and how much she loved it.

Her video continues by showing images of the jungle, hanging bridges, river streams and surrounding nature. She looked joyful and cheerful while walking through the wilderness. “We went hiking every single day,” Reese Witherspoon said.

The adventure continued for the Hollywood star, who enjoyed going for a swim in the river along with her friends. “We went swimming in the river, which was so fun,” she mentioned as the Instagram post showed a picture of her and her group of friends smiling and having a blast.

According to Witherspoon the food was extraordinary and she adored her meals. She even tried some of Costa Rica’s traditional fruits, such as mamon chino and strawberries, as she shows in a fruit bowl in the audiovisual.

One of the things she enjoyed most was meeting “wonderful women,” as she describes them in her video.

Reese Witherspoon ended her reel by revealing how much she loves the country. “It was just glorious, I love Costa Rica so much; I had the best time!”

The 46-year-old American artist joins a long list of celebrities who have visited Costa Rica recently. Many celebrities continue to see Costa Rica as the ideal destination for vacationing, escaping mayhem and relaxing in the heart of nature.

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