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Traveling to Costa Rica Part 2 – Airport Water Delays During the Holidays

Some things you cannot make up, for example, an airport that allegedly did not pay its water fountain bill. But according to local media TeleTica, lead by highly respected reporter Stefania Colombari the country’s main airport, Juan Santamaria, in San Jose was shut down due to lack of service for water fountains in the facility for an unpaid bill.  

This occurred on or about December 31, 2021. Despite the alleged payment, the airport was forced to spend four days buying and trucking potable water to appease local authorities.

The airport also temporarily suspended the entry or departure of several international flights.

In the time of Covid-19 it is hard to imagine why anyone would avail themselves of this amenity of free water over a spicket, but it allegedly shut down an international airport in the height of the country’s peak tourism season.

The airport says they paid the bill and have a confirmation. The appropriate ministry for providing water to the airport, AyA,  and their spokesperson said they may have had a delay in crediting the payment.

The dates of the dispute are between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Most public workers are on vacation here in Costa Rica during the holiday season and as all locals know, transactions of any kind can be difficult at that time.

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