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Livin’ la Pura Vida: The Simpsons goes to Costa Rica

What’s “Pura Vida”?

Marge Simpson, and the U.S. sitcom’s millions of viewers, now know the answer. The family visited Costa Rica as part of Sunday night’s episode of the long-running TV show.

“It means pure life — kind of a state of mind down here. Very chill. Like what you think is chill, but, like, a million times chiller,” Marge learns.

Some episode highlights:

  • Marge drives through Springfield yelling “Costa Rica!” at the top of her lungs after the family is invited on the trip by the Van Hountens.
  • Marge describes their destination as “a luxury villa right on the beach near pristine rainforest home to 5% of the species on earth! … In a land where it’s normal for kids to carry machetes!”
  • A sunburned Homer accidentally lets several monkeys tear apart the aforementioned luxury villa. (The monkeys are so comfortable with humans that they must be in Manuel Antonio!)
  • The stone spheres “made by the extinct Diquis people of Costa Rica” make an important appearance.
  • Marge has a fascination for getting the perfect vacation selfie in front of a waterfall. “All I wanted it for my friends to be jealous of me!” Marge says.

Stream the full episode on Fox here.

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