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Specialists in Costa Rica: Ship found at Punta Uva could be the Daisy Gray

Specialists who have been working to identify remnants of shipwrecks in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean say that a ship’s hull brought ashore by the tides this weekend at Punta Uva could belong to the Daisy Gray, built in 1936.

The Ambassadors of the Sea Community Diving Center (Centro Comunitario de Buceo Embajadores y Embajadoras del Mar) said in an email statement that the ship was abandoned in 1954 when was en route to Cuba from Honduras.

Archaeological diver Gloriana Brenes had found parts of the shipwreck last year as seen in this video, but the hull was floating throughout the area and disappeared, the email said. The piece of the hull that washed up this week is approximately 12 meters long.

See the video of previous expeditions here:

The Ambassadors group, a nonprofit community initiative to promote purposeful diving among southern Caribbean youth in Costa Rica, said it is already working with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) and local residents to safeguard the find, both from theft and from high tides that could wash the hull back out to sea.

Salvador Van Dyke, a student of underwater archaeology at East Carolina University, and the Punta Uva Dive Center were listed as key players in the weekend’s findings.

Shipwrecked hull in Punta Uva, Costa Rica
Courtesy of the Sea Ambassadors Community Dive Center

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