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Why we’re marching for a secular state

Yo sí quiero un estado laico (I do want a secular state) is a collective that deeply believes that religion and the state should be separated so that the decisions made in the country as administered and executed only by the state – a state that guarantees human rights for all without the intervention of fundamentalist groups and the Catholic church.

Why? In order to ensure diversity of creed, religion, culture, ethnic groups, sexual orientation and identity, and many more that manifest themselves within this society.

When we say “secular,” we’re not talking about atheism or an anti-religious state, nor do we disrespect the freedom of worship. We don’t seek to deny God or any religion. We see in secularity the power to defend the freedom to choose over our bodies, education and much more.

Estado Laico
Courtesy of Yo sí quiero un Estado Laico Costa Rica

A secular state would allow us to curtail hate speech from political parties that bring religion into the political decisions – parties that impede access to human rights, sex education, women’s right to decide over their bodies, transgender people’s right to have the name they choose, and the right to same-sex marriage.

Estado Laico
Courtesy of Yo sí quiero un Estado Laico Costa Rica

We also raise our voices to point out the importance of sex education in the country, which deals with the topics of sexual diversity, the right to decide, and violence towards women. We use this as a medium for young people to create a more equal society to reduce violence towards women, femicide, homo-lesbo-bi-trans phobia, and other forms of violence.

At the same time, we denounce the fundamentalist groups that dangerously speak in name of God to attain political power, promote hatred and impede access to secular and scientific education.

For this reason, this Saturday, Jan. 20, at 12:00 pm, we invite all those who believe in the separation of church and state to march with us. The activity will begin at the Parque Central and end outside of the Legislative Assembly.

Yo si quiero un estado laico Costa Rica is a Costa Rican collective that seeks a secular state in which religion is separated from the government. The author of the piece is one of the collective’s spokespeople. For more information visit the collective’s Facebook page or go to the march’s Facebook event page.

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