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Costa Rican Friday Happy Hour #3: ‘El Otro Gol’

Maybe it was this morning’s story on what to expect at the World Cup 2018, now that the field of 32 has been selected. Or maybe it’s this gorgeous summery afternoon that’s inspiring many people to kick a ball around at their local park.

Either way, the song in our heads this Friday is Grammy-winning group Gandhi’s “El Otro Gol,” a celebration of Costa Rican soccer in general and the 2002 World Cup in particular. “Whether your field is a pasture or the beach next to the sea / I just want to play, and no one is stopping me,” the lyrics proclaim.

The video offers some terrific Costa Rican soccer footage from years past, perfect for some Friday-afternoon dreaming of games to come:

What are your favorite Costa Rican songs or musical memories?

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